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Heavy Hex Bolts
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Heavy Hex Bolts

DONGSHAO warmly welcome you to wholesale Heavy Hex Bolts from our factory. Our products are CE certified and currently have a large amount of factory inventory. We will provide you with good service and factory discounted prices.

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Product Description

Hebei Dongshao Fastener Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is a well-known supplier and manufacturer of heavy hex bolts in China.The heavy hex bolts manufactured by the company have the following characteristics:Excellent material: heavy hex bolts are made of high quality steel, high hardness, not easy to break, strong corrosion resistance, long service life, durable.

High strength: heavy hex bolts have strong carrying capacity and tensile strength, suitable for use in large-scale projects.Easy installation: This type of bolt has a hexagonal head design, easy installation and disassembly, no special tools, can help users quickly complete installation and maintenance.

Complete specifications: heavy hex bolts have a variety of specifications to choose from, which can meet the procurement needs of customers with different needs, fully reflecting the flexibility and application of the product.

Because the head of heavy hex bolts is composed of two parts: the hexagonal head and the flange surface, its "support area and stress area word ratio" is greater than that of the ordinary hexagonal head bolt, so the bolt can withstand higher preload and the anti-loosening performance is also better.

It is mostly used in industrial machinery, automobiles and heavy machinery, pressure vessels and pipelines, as well as large power generation equipment and vehicles.

Product Parameter

(mm) M12 M14 M16 M20 M24 M30 M36
P 1.75 2 2 2.5 3 3.5 4
ds max 12.7 14.7 16.7 20.84 24.84 30.84 37
ds min 11.3 13.3 15.3 19.16 23.16 29.16 35
s max 21 24 27 34 41 50 60
s min 20.16 23.16 26.16 33 40 49 58.8
e max 24.25 27.71 31.18 39.26 47.34 57.74 69.28
e min 22.78 26.17 29.56 37.29 45.2 55.37 66.44
k max 7.95 9.25 10.75 13.4 15.9 19.75 23.55
k min 7.24 8.51 9.68 12.12 14.56 17.92 21.72
da max 13.7 15.7 17.7 22.4 26.4 33.4 39.4
r min 0.6 0.6 0.6 0.8 0.8 1 1

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